Wednesday, June 3, 2009

my 2nd year semester is ended in few days~~

A long time didnt updated my blog~~~
The reasons are I am quite busy with my education, no mood to blogging and dont know what to write in my blog. hehe.. :P
However, my blogging mood is coming now~~
Hope I can record more in the future! :)

Few days more, my 2nd year in Caux will be ended. Time is really like a rocket, makes me cant even catch it and hold it. When I think back, I feel unbelievable that how can I survive until now~ As there is once that make me feel extremely stress and couldnt stand for it anymore,and now is almost finished~ Unbelievable, amazing!

After 7th of June, everybody in this school will leave and continue their way.
And me, dont know when I can meet them again because I am planning not to continue my 3rd year straight away. So, by the time I come back, they will had graduated. This term, left some wonderful memories and also sad memories. A lot of things had happened, and it was the things that I couldnt predicted or expected. Western and eastern, may be it was a hard thing for each other to accept one and other.

Human being, a complicated animal. Cant even know who they are, even u knew them before.
Friends, may be is better to hang out and enjoy together, but not really a best person to work with.
Mood, can really changes like what a magician does when it influenced by something. LOVE, can be sweet or bitter depends on what yr lover had done to u~~ Until know, I still cant really know who am I, what is my strengths and weaknesses! What a pity for me~~

May be this year is not really my year, my world~ That is why I can lost myself without realization. Economic crisis, swine flu, hope this will be over soon. If not, I think the opportunity to get job will be really harsh. To become an adult, this is really complicated and not fun at all!

I miss home! Miss my home! Home sweet home! What should I expect when I go back?
I hope everything will be fine when I be home. I think I really need a rest now, I am really tired with all of this~

Lover, hope u will change to the one that I expected. Please dont give me any disappointed anymore, I cant handle it anymore. I hope we will be together until the end, but if u still keep with the thing that u are doing, it will be an impossible thing although I'm Possible for everything!!

Hope I will have a happy internship life and enjoy for it~


{E}lson desu said...

like your "被你爱过的我很快乐,我也不想这样,但是我得一个人勇敢。" a lot

jia you

To be continued....

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